3 Annoying SEO Mistakes that Are Very Easy to Make

SEO has been around since the dawn of time (or at least it feels that way to some of us), and yet there are still some pretty simple mistakes that many people (even those with experience) are making. In this article we aim at exposing some of them and letting you know that you can easily avoid them. Even though things change with the speed of a photon racing through the vacuum of space, some basic principles still remain, and if you know them, you can avoid making some of the most glaring SEO mistakes.


Expecting results stat!


Have you ever watched that episode of the “ER” where some doctor is shouting, “Need *insert random medical term here*, stat!” Yeah, that’s basically in all episodes of the “ER”, but that’s not the point. The point is that “stat” is actually doctor technobabble for “fast”. And if most clients knew that, they would be using that term… a lot. Why? Because people see SEO as a magical formula that gives results right away. We’d hate to spoil your fun, folks, but that’s not how it works. Results take time, and if someone claims otherwise, they’re probably trying to game the system, which ultimately leads to only one outcome – penalty by Google. So show a bit more patience.


Thinking that SEO is a one-time thing


SEO is to your website what food is to your body. If you think you can go with only one meal in your life, then we must say that won’t be a very long life. It’s the same with your site – things in SEO change all the time and you need to make things happen if you want to keep producing good results. SEO mistakes are kind of a part of the game, because at the end of the day it’s a process and things change. That, however, is no excuse to forget about it altogether.


Flash! Flash everywhere!


While we’re not quite sure about the quality of the TV show “The Flash”, we can definitely tell you that flash is not very good for your website. Too much flash makes it slow and affects performance, and that affects SEO. Not to mention bots find it difficult to crawl on anything that is not HTML. Don’t believe us? Keep your bling-bling running. See what happens.


NXTFactor can help you avoid all of these mistakes, and more. We’re good at what we do exactly because we don’t take shortcuts and play by the rules.