3 SEO Techniques You Need to Master If You Want to be Successful

The ever-changing field of SEO is, well, changing. Things that used to be mostly mechanical in nature are now much more organic and the importance of quality over quantity is increasing even more. This is something that might happen in the near future – it’s already happened and if you want to succeed, you have to adapt, and fast. This article will help you take the first steps.


Merge SEO and content marketing


Back in the day, most companies either used SEO teams or content marketing teams, but rarely both. Content marketing guys would write good and engaging content, organic content which was not optimized for search, while the SEO guys would write it in such a way that would be pleasing for search engines, but not necessarily people. Now those days are over and you need both if you want to be successful, whether you like it or not. The mechanical and organic parts of SEO and content marketing have intertwined.


Mobile SEO is important


We’ve covered this several times, but in case you’ve been hiding under a huge, completely isolated rock, we’ll say it again. More than 40% of people use the Internet on mobile devices, which means that if you don’t optimize for mobile, you’re essentially committing an SEO suicide.


Cater to your audience


Things are no longer black and white, and a universal technique for success doesn’t exist. This ultimately means that you will have to cater your content to your audience. Find out what they want and what they like and they will help you become much more successful. After all, they don’t care how well your company is doing, but they do care about good content. Give them that and they will stand behind you.


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