Is tracking analytics important for SEO?

This is a serious question many people ask because they don’t feel like following the analytics. Sorry to disappoint you, folks, but this is in fact, important. You can’t know if what you’re doing right now working or not if you don’t follow analytics. Of course, the other end is not that great, either, where you constantly look at the analytics and think that your current strategy is ineffective, though you haven’t given it enough time to bloom yet. Things aren’t always black or white, and thinking in absolutes will get you nowhere.

Tracking SEO analytics should be something you do a regular basis, but you should also understand what they’re all about. At the end of the day, it’s not the one who reads the most that is the smartest, but the one who understands the most. You can read your things all day and nothing will change if you don’t know what you’re seeing.

In the same way, if you’re not entirely sure how things are with the analytics, you won’t know how to affect the outcome. So before you start looking at them, first you need to learn how to read them, and you also need to know a thing or two about how SEO works before you can make any changes. Otherwise the whole thing is pointless. In the end, it’s all connected and you have to know it all if you want to succeed. And not just know it in theory, but know how to do it. How to produce awesome content and get people to your website, how to optimize it well for Google, and how to read the analytics so you can adjust.

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