Latest SEO trend you cannot ignore
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The good, the bad, and the ugly of SEO is that it’s always changing. The field doesn’t stay static, so it’s not a stretch to think about how things are going to change in the future and stay on top of the latest trends so you can have at least a small advantage once the updates start flying.

Mobile is no longer simply an option

Google’s mobile update didn’t have the expected effect. It affected a much smaller portions of the results than anticipated. Google reported that the reason is probably because most webmasters have optimized their websites for mobile. We dodged the Mobilegeddon. Or did we? Google won’t let this go. The next step will be updating the mobile algorithm for more factors other than just figuring out if your site is optimized for it. Things like loading speed and quality will be taken into consideration. So don’t celebrate yet.

Website speed is important

Faster websites get more conversions and traffic than slow sites. People are also more inclined to share them. The fact of the matter is that speed matters because people today are impatient. Some studies show that if they have to wait for more than three seconds, many users would leave. Keep in mind also, that most users who use mobile are doing so a mobile data package, so that is also a speed factor. The slower your website is, the worse it is for you in SEO terms, as well, because it may increase your bounce rate, reduce sharing and more. Make sure that you optimize your loading speed and optimize your website properly.

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