• The Tang

    The Tang

    The Tang is a contemporary Asian noodle bar that started in the heart of the East Village. With the...

  • Lucky Chen
  • Le Tea
  • Chuan Tian Xia

    Chuan Tian Xia

    Chuan World Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. Everything is prepared with high quality, rich taste and fresh food waiting for...

  • Rong Cheng House
  • Tang Hotpot

    Tang Hotpot

    Tang Hotpot is a modern Chinese restaurant dedicated to bringing authentic Sichuan hotpot experience to New York while elevating...

  • Sup Crab

    Sup Crab

    Sup Crab embellishes the Lower East Side of Manhattan by providing authentic Cajun boiled lobster, crab, shrimp, crawfish, and...

  • Xiang Xiang Noodle

    Xiang Xiang Noodle

    “Xiang Xiang Noodle” was established in San Francisco Bay Area on 2015. On the first three years, we mainly...

  • Icy Juicy
  • Cheers Cut
  • Daxi Sichuan

    Daxi Sichuan

    Chinese restaurant featuring whimsical, creative presentations of traditional Sichuan dishes.

  • Hot Pot Hero
  • TeaWish


    A MODERN & COZY BUBBLE TEA EXPERIENCE Join us at our new bubble tea shop! You’ll find we have...

  • GongCha Brooklyn

    GongCha Brooklyn

    Since its establishment in 2006, Gong Cha has expanded to over 15 countries and 1500+ locations worldwide and growing....

  • Xiang Hotpot

    Xiang Hotpot

    Xiang Hotpot is a hot pot restaurant in downtown Flushing specializing in Sichuan-style hot pot. It currently has over 600...

  • Jusgo Supermarket

    Jusgo Supermarket

    Jusgo Supermarket focuses on helping customers acquire their favorite food and daily necessities in a comfortable and friendly shopping...

  • Meet Fresh

    Meet Fresh

    Exquisite teas, treats, desserts.

  • Hot Pot Hero

    Hot Pot Hero

    Hot Pot Hero is a full-service Hot Pot/Shabu Shabu restaurant serving featuring Chongqing Style HotPot/Shabu Shabu and Mongolian BBQ....

  • Good Harvest NY

    Good Harvest NY

    Enjoy dining with us at Good Harvest 大丰收鱼庄 – the finest Chinese Seafood and Hot Pot Restaurant in Flushing,...

  • Saaho Village

    Saaho Village

    A new dining concept from Spencer Chan, well-known innovative chef of Asian cuisine. Saaho Village will offer traditional, all-natural...

  • Chubby Cattle

    Chubby Cattle

    Chubby Cattle Hot Pot is the result of combining the Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese philosophies of medicine and healing....

  • Le Souk

    Le Souk

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet Le Souk Harem. Expect more of the same Middle Eastern craziness. For one, the three-story...

  • Rice Thai Kitchen

    Rice Thai Kitchen

    ON 7TH AVE. BETWEEN 8TH & 9TH STREET. If you ever come to Park Slope Brooklyn, New York and...

  • Ariana Soho

    Ariana Soho

    “ARIANA Ariana Grinblat, a Russian recording artist, has decided it’s time to update Russian cuisine in America, which, she contends,...