SEO is Alive and Kicking. Will People let it Go, Already?!

We’ve encountered a few more articles saying that “SEO is dead”, using nebulous claims and explanations that ultimately prove it’s alive! One of the examples was the fact that the game has changed so much as compared to several years ago. Another one was the fact that social media is now closely linked to rankings. These ideas are true, but they don’t prove anything other than the fact that we’ve evolved, which (if we’re not mistaken) means that SEO is alive and kicking. After all, if it’s dead, why would it need to evolve in order to survive?!

The game has changed, that is true. But change is a part of life, even though we don’t always like it and it’s not always for the better. We can’t say that SEO is dead simply because techniques from 5 years no longer work today (which, by the way, isn’t necessarily true since the basics are the same; it’s the details that have changed). Furthermore, it hasn’t even changed that much – the most profound deviations from the past are in quality. Quality and user experience are now much more important than quantity.

It’s also true that social media has a profound influence on SEO. However, links have been a part of the system since its inception. High quality links from trustworthy sites are still worth a lot, but the role of social media is much greater now simply because this is an indication that people are willing to share your content with your friend. If enough people think it’s good enough, then Google will think it’s good enough. This is an oversimplification, but it serves to show you that just because a new component has been introduced to augment the old one, doesn’t mean that the entire system has fallen.

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