SEO and design should go hand in hand

SEO is usually seen as something that’s done on the website once it goes online and is completely done from a design perspective. This is a serious mistake, because in most cases the two phenomena are much related (at least that’s how it is these days; it hasn’t always been and it may stop being in the future, but it is right now). If you want to avoid this mistake, it is best to think about SEO in the process of the site’s creation. The thing about this is that it requires foresight, but then again SEO does, in general, since it’s a long-term investment. This means that you should be patient and shouldn’t be in it for the short run.

Design options are varied on the market today, but there are several universals. Making a site flashy and heavy might seem like it’s a good idea, but ultimately when people are looking for information, they are not that impressed by the fluff and are more impressed with speed and simplicity.

Whether to go responsive or not is another important question. The answer is, “Yes, absolutely!” There should be zero doubt in your mind as to where your website should be responsive or not. This is not up for debate. Over half of searches are on mobiles devices, already, and the there is a tendency for that number to increase. Do you want to be left in the past along with your old Pentium 3? Yeah, no one remembers what that is anymore, and no one will remember you when everyone starts bouncing from your site because they have to zoom in if they want to read the text or click a link.

There are many more things to consider. NXTFactor can help you with that. We’re experts when it comes to this sort of job, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.