SEO: Diversification is the Key to Great Customer Experience

In the past few years, customer experience has quickly crawled into the field of SEO and now bears a fairly substantial role in the overall system. Google wants to make sure that your content is as good as it can be. If you don’t deliver that, someone else will, and Google will be happy to tell people about it. Customer experience, however, can be the difference between, “Awesome, I’ll share it!” and “This is awful!” In case you haven’t followed the field of SEO in the past few years, social media sharing has also become quite significant. The game is changing, but the base principles remain the same, which is good because we’ve been following them since the beginning.

One of the key factors for great customer experience, and hence SEO, is diversification. If you only have text on your site, you won’t get far. A study not too long ago showed that tweets containing images were far more likely to be shared than those that were plain text. Images are a powerful tool, so you need to use them. People are far more likely to notice something if it’s accompanied by a great-looking image.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Images are powerful, but videos are even more so. Some people prefer moving pictures and sound to stationary ones. And then there are those who don’t like to be distracted by any of that. The point is that you should have it all if you want to be successful – great content, awesome images, and interesting videos. This way you provide lots of value to anyone coming to your site, regardless of their preferences and Google will reward for you.

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