SEO: How Important is Page 1?

SEO: How Important is Page 1?

Getting to page 1 on Google is a must if you want people using search engines to see your content. This is paramount because of the ease of use of Google, itself. The truth is that Google has made people impatient. If they can’t find something on page 1 (usually within the first few results), they’re going to search for something else, or the same thing but a bit more specific. In truth, this means that being on the second page gives you a very low chance of gaining some of that attention you’ve trying to get. In fact, there is a very small difference between being on page 2 and 20. No one looks beyond page 1 anymore, so it’s pretty self-explanatory why it is important to get to that point.

Some people think it’s an achievement to be on page 2 in regards to a popular search, but that’s hardly true. A more popular search means more people, which does mean a higher probability of someone actually going to the second page, but then again, very few people do that in general. You will have a higher success with a less popular search query but on the first page. The higher you rank, the better the chances someone sees your content.

That being said, remember that getting people to your site is only half the battle. The other half is actually making them follow the call to action, and for that you need compelling content. Simply getting people to read something through SEO is not going to get you far. This is also something you need to consider, and consider it while you’re still in business, because later maybe too late.

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