SEO: Should you optimize for mobile search?
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If you’ve ever been on our site, then you know what the answer to that question is, “Absolutely!” We are big proponents of mobile SEO and we think too many businesses still underestimate it, despite our best efforts to let them know that this is important. It’s not like we work in the field or anything, so sure, don’t listen to us. And it’s not like mobile is quickly overtaking desktops in terms of Internet traffic. In case you haven’t noticed, most people today prefer their phones and tablets to using their PCs. This is not 2001 anymore. Desktop alone will not cut it.


In order to optimize properly for mobile, you need to make sure that your site can actually be opened by a mobile device because if it’s not properly optimized for that, you will be wasting your time with SEO. Many of the older websites were designed with desktops specifically in mind, which is why they don’t do very well with mobile devices. They load slowly, they’re too heavy, and they are hard to navigate. There are two main ways people prefer to solve this problem. The first one is to create a mobile version of your website. The upside is that it’s properly optimized for mobile, so loading speeds will be fantastic, SEO will be better specifically for mobile, and it will be extremely easy to navigate having being created with mobile in mind. The downside is that you will have to manage two sites and it will be more expensive.


Responsive web design is a cheaper alternative. It’s going to ensure that mobile devices will properly load your site. You will only have to manage one website, so it’s technically the best of both worlds. Even though it won’t be specifically optimized for mobile, it will still give decent results in terms of SEO, if you do it properly.

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