The SEO Uncertainty Principle

SEO is a largely based on predictions and adaptation to the different changes introduced by Google. But as the search engine titan might be making our work harder, we’re more than capable of managing our affairs through the shifts in balance. That being said, SEO rarely (if ever) carries a guarantee. Things aren’t always as they seem and the system has changed quite a lot for the past few years.

For one, the human factor is now much more important in determining the ranking. Back in the day, it used to be all the bots. Things were simple – get X number of pages and Y number of links and you get Z results. Everything used to be much more straightforward that it is now. This enabled people to cheat their way to the top, though, and Google decided they wouldn’t have it. The sleeping giant awoke and ensured that those games black hats used to play ceased.

Things are now much better for the people. The top results (in most cases) deserve to be there because they provide awesome content and offer an insight into a problem that is hard to find anywhere else. No matter what you’re looking for, chances are the top result will contain it. If not, it will probably be in the first three results. The majority of people don’t even care about going further down, let alone to the second page. However, even though it’s better for the people, it makes our work much harder because it’s not that easy to predict the outcomes of our actions anymore. Only the most experienced SEO experts can make the right decisions.

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