SEO: Website Performance is Important

At the dawn of SEO, the only thing we needed to focus on was keywords and links. That was the new craze – it wasn’t about quality, it was all about quantity. Fast forward to present day and those times are gone. No one who knows anything about SEO cares about quantity anymore. Everything has shifted to uploading quality content, getting high quality links, and getting more exposure on social media (even though that is also getting harder). However, one factor still remains wildly overlooked – website performance.


Website performance is a really important factor because it’s one of the things that tie up closely to the concept of customer experience. Usually, the better the customer’s experience, the more likely it is that they will share your website, thus let search engines know that there is something worth sharing there, which will increase your rank when enough people do it.


Loading speed is one of the most important factors. If you have a good position, but your site bloated and takes a long time to load, people will leave immediately and increase your bounce rate, which will definitely affect your rank in ways you wouldn’t like at all. Many people would never return to your site if it didn’t load within three seconds.


Since mobile has become an important part of the Internet (as we’ve stated many times in other articles), having your website optimized for mobile is a must. This means that everything has to be lightweight and easy to find. It makes your website easier to work with and decreases the loading time.


Finally, you have to check your website for bugs and errors. People don’t appreciate them at all, and it makes you look sloppy and untrustworthy. If there are any, you must find and fix them, and do it fast before your SEO suffers for it.


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