Some Technical Aspects are Important to SEO

Some Technical Aspects are Important to SEO

SEO is a field that constantly evolves and adapts to changing conditions, and conditions do change because search engines want to make sure that people are getting exactly what they’re looking for. However, many people make the mistake of thinking that search engines changes things in regards to SEO just in the content department, whereas this is not the case. In fact, there are also some technical issues that have to be taken into consideration, such as the fact that slow loading times and bad design can be detrimental to SEO.

Loading times are important. There is a thing called a bounce rate where people would go to your site and then leave immediately, as if they’ve miss-clicked or made a mistake. This is something search engines look out for and you don’t want to have big numbers in this area. Trust us, you really don’t. If you do, this tells search engines that there is something fishy about your site and perhaps it’s not as high quality as it initially “thought”, so it’s going to make sure that it doesn’t make this mistake again. This means that your site will lose rank. In fact, slow loading speed can significantly increase your bounce rate because people today don’t feel like waiting for three seconds for a site to load. If they have a good internet connection and your site doesn’t load immediately, they will bounce. Fix this problem.

Design can be an issue, too. Heavy sites, even though they might look better, can be slower to load. Furthermore, if your site is not mobile friendly, you’re going to have a bad time because your rank will suffer due to that, too. Nearly 50% of the people access the Internet through their mobile devices, so mobile-friendly sites are a must.

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