Videos and Images are a Must Have on Your Website If You Want Good SEO

Having videos and images on your website is a great way to improve your SEO, provide better visitor experience, and even gain some additional traffic. Pictures and videos cause people to naturally share your content more than when it’s plain text. It doesn’t matter how well-written it is, plain text will always lose to text with a picture or a video. There is a good reason for it, too. While written language has been around only for about four thousand years, humans have painted on walls for more than forty thousand years. Our brains are much better tuned to understanding images rather than writing. This means that if something can be shown to us in picture form, we would prefer that rather than reading about it. For example, if we were to describe a beautiful landscape with a breathtaking view, it would not have near the same effect as showing you that vista.

How does this reflect on SEO? First of all, it gives you another chance to get noticed. When people are searching for your terms, they might find your video or image. Those are two additional frontiers where you might not have as much competition. Aside from that, the user experience is much fuller and richer. This is another factor in the search engine results that has been systemically underestimated, even though it has become really important during the last couple of years. Having images or videos makes people share your pages much more and spend more time on your site, thus further improving your rank.

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