Should you worry about Negative SEO?

SEO has always been a highly competitive field, and sadly there have always been enough bad seeds to go around. Back in the day, there were black hats who were using forbidden and spammy tactics to fool search engines into thinking that a piece of content was better than it actually was. That worked for a while, but Google finally caught up and black hat is all but dead nowadays. However, there is new threat on the horizon and it’s gaining speed. Negative SEO is even lower that black hat because where black hat manipulated their own websites in trying to fool search engines, negative SEO is trying to impact yours. Instead of getting on your level, negative practitioners are doing everything they can in order to fool search engines (again, mostly Google) that you’re using dishonest practices.


How do they do that? There are many low tactics they employ. For example, they might set up fake websites and blogs in order to duplicate your fresh content. “Why would they do that,” you ask? Common sense dictates that since they’re the ones duplicating the content, they should be the ones getting a penalty. However, if the process is put into action quickly, the crawlers might detect their content first, which would make yours the “duplicate”. It’s like when persons A, B, and C are friends. A tells B a joke, B tells it to C, and when A and C meet up, A tells C the joke. In C’s eyes, B is the one came up with the joke, and A is the one who stole it (unless B is honest enough to tell the truth, which he isn’t in most cases). Other tactics includes buying good Google reviews for your site, thus fooling Google into thinking that you’re trying to fool Google; buying links to your site, and more. The good news is that it’s not that easy to affect a website with these tactics, and even if you do get hit, you can ask for a manual review so that the problem is resolved.


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